About Us

Who We Are

Harvest Moon Distributors, LLC, came to life in 2012, and was named on a fall night when a beautiful harvest moon was rising over Orlando. Our company name rose right out of the horizon, as big and orange as it could be!

From day one, our purpose has been to provide Florida consumers choices beyond the same wines that appear in most every restaurant and on every store shelf in the state. Those well-marketed wines are such large brands that they often include every grape from every vine versus the selective process of hand harvesting and/or careful sorting processes for the best grapes. The big name wines are often manipulated to get vintage-to-vintage consistency and to enable the mass production needed for their large distribution.

At Harvest Moon, we bring wines to market that are carefully crafted by small to mid-sized producers. Many still hand harvest, and there is minimal intervention. The result is quality wine for consumers who care about the wine and the stories of the families and winemakers woh make them. Without representation, the small to mid-sized wineries would never reach consumers.

It has been an incredible journey to date. The wine business is at times brutal, and is more complex than consumers can imagine. The success of Harvest Moon and the wineries we represent requires retail customers and consumers to ask for choices beyond the well known/mass produced wines. We have grown over the years because our Harvest Moon team members share the passion for consumer choice in wines! As owner and CEO, I am proud to be working with a vibrant and competent group of professionals who make up the Harvest Moon team. Cherie Rivett

Company Values


  • We represent good products, and work only with people we enjoy and are proud to do business with.
  • We strive to have efficient and effective operating practices that protect product quality.
  • We do not know everything, so we use experts to make sure things get done right!


  • We work to keep good relationships with our customers and suppliers.
  • We care about the environment and make decisions accordingly.
  • We respect and care for the communities we service, and the people they employ.


  • We work to increase our volume and territory so retailers and suppliers grow as we do.
  • We amaze customers with great service and ensure they have product to sell when they need it.
  • We keep our operating costs low so the products can be priced to provide retailers and end consumers with a great value.