About Bodega Delgado Zuleta

Delgado Zuleta is the oldest winery in the Marco de Jerez region. According to its archive records, its origins go back to the XVIII century and the oldest legacy found in the company’s extensive archive dates from 1719. In 1744 the Cargador a Indias,1 knight of Calatravas Order and Perpetual Alderman of Sanlúcar, Mr Francisco Gil of Ledesma and Sotomayor, started up this wine-growing business activity. Tomás Delgado Ñudi took on the business which then was renamed as “Hijo de José Delgado Zuleta S.A.” and registered in 1955 as a public limited company. On the 24th of June of 1974 when the company adopted the same trade mark it has today.