About Proud Pour

Photo Credit: Proud Pour Instagram

“What if drinking made the world a better place? That’s the idea that inspired founder Berlin Kelly to create Proud Pour, and it will always be at the core of what we do. We’ll always make drinks you love and support the work of our amazing environmental nonprofit partners – giving them 5% of our top line revenue, 5x the typical give back company. But we also have a secret mission, which goes much further than giving back.

As you may have felt, it’s not always easy to show the world you care about the environment. Not everyone can afford solar panels or electric cars, and not all of us have friends who are receptive to hearing about the latest unsettling climate news. Our fans tell us that a big reason they share Proud Pour drinks with friends is that it’s a positive (and tasty) way to show what they care about.

Through this dynamic, we believe Proud Pour can become the ultimate tool for recruiting new environmentalists. With our wines in hand, our fans will be able to reach millions of people who otherwise don’t think much about the environment. And how better to ease someone in than with a good bottle of wine? Our goal is to help create 5 million new environmentalists over the next decade.” – Winemaker Notes