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About Us



Who We Are

Harvest Moon Distributors, LLC, came to life in 2012, and was named on a night when a beautiful harvest moon was rising. Co-founder Cherie Rivett has long loved good wine and well–run businesses, so this start-up came as a natural career progression. As owner and CEO, she proud to be working with a vibrant and competent group of professionals who make up the Harvest Moon team...

David: North Florida Sales

Gary, Teresa, and Deanna: Central Florida Sales

Stephanie and Chelsey: Tampa Sales

Allan: West Palm Beach/Palm Beach Sales

Martin: Miami to Pompano Sales

Tami: The Keys Sales

Anne: Whole Foods Coordinator, analytical wizard, and so much more

Ti and Jenna: Making it happen in the warehouse

Nick and Craig: Logistics

Cathy: Endless projects

Penny: Counting it all up!









Cherie has a long history of business experience, including work in the U.S. and in Europe. Her corporate experience began in manufacturing with Milliken & Company, followed by ten years in Human Resources at Frito-Lay, and then VP of Human Resources at Universal  Orlando.  She has had her own HR consulting business since 2001. Her consulting experience includes leading major change initiatives, and helping businesses start up, prepare for, and deal with major growth.

The company tag line, Shining a Light on Boutique Wineries, demonstrates the desire to represent emerging and small to mid-sized wineries. Sometimes “the little guys” can get lost when being represented by “the big guys,” so Harvest Moon Distributors is focused on bringing good, unique wines to market.  By providing efficient, dependable service with low overhead cost, everyone involved can grow and prosper, while consumers can enjoy great wine at reasonable prices.

Company Values



  • We work to increase our volume and territory so retailers and suppliers grow as we do
  • We amaze customers with great service and ensure they have product to sell when they need it
  • We keep our operating costs low so the products can be priced to provide retailers and end consumers with a good value



  • We represent good products, and work only with people we enjoy and are proud to do business with  
  • We strive to have efficient and effective operating practices that protect product quality
  • We do not know everything, so we use experts to be sure things get done right



  • We work to keep good relationships with our customers and suppliers
  • We care about the environment and make decisions accordingly
  • We respect and care for the communities we service and the people we employ


Contact Us


Cherie Rivett - Owner


We also like to thank those who helped get us where we are today...

Co-founder: Gloria Richards

Admin Guru and so much more: Katie Raponi

Sales Team Members: Melissa Hemmingway, Joel Salgado, Ann Elizabeth Christensen, Daisy, Kate, Paul, Andrew, and more...